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Dear friend,

1. Did you spend long sleepless nights building websites that have no traffic?

2. Are you still struggling to rank your websites buying all possible services available?

3. Did your websites go from page #1 to nowhere over the night?

4. Are you still scratching your head trying to keep up with the new updates?

5. Do you fear of any future Google updates that may slap you again?

6. Did you lose your trust in SEO?

7. Are you able to rank your site quite easily but tend to lose the rankings in the next Google update?

Whatever your case is, beginner or experienced marketer:

Here is what our service could do

  • Gain top rankings in Google and tons of traffic along with it.
  • Recover your penalized websites affected by the recent Google updates.
  • Forget the fear of any future Google updates.
  • Affordable price that doesn’t spoil your ROI.
  • Consistent rankings that last forever.


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We’ve been serving warriors on Warrior Forum for more than 30 months by providing exceptional link-building services GUARANTEED to get great results month in, month out. Even after all the updates from Google, our client base had never gone down. It’s because my clients were never affected by any of these updates and they keep ordering with us after seeing amazing results from our services

How Does this Service Work?

Based on long years of SEO experience and various case studies carried out on 100’s of websites in different niches after the last Google update:

We are proudly announcing our ALL-in-one-SEO-Package that has a turn-key solution to all your SEO problems:

100% Natural Linking Methods:

Our Backlinks and how we build them will eliminate any footprint of unnatural SEO.

What exactly do we offer?

  • You will receive 10 to 20 links a day from PR2+ sites for the entire subscription period.
  • All these sites were handpicked by us with good domain authority and proven to deliver amazing results for a long period of time.
  • We constantly research and refresh our resources of websites and keep testing them to see that they deliver the results and weed out the ones that are not effective any more.
  • We provide complete link diversification by choosing every possible platform that allows us to create links without compromising the quality of the sites.
  • Each of our sites is from different IPs and most of them are from different subnets.
  • There is certain percentage of No PR sites added to the mix to make the link building as natural as possible.
  • We also make sure that there is a mixture of Nofollow and Dofollow links which is proven to be effective.
  • We were years ahead in the concept of Anchor text diversification even before the recent Google updates and we use large number of generic keywords to the links to avoid the over optimization penalty
  • The number of links per day and the number of links coming from a certain plat form is made completely random.
  • We build lot of links to the links pointing to your main site so that each of the link created stay powerful

Monthly Subscription Service:

This is a monthly subscription service. SEO can never be a single time effort. If a service provider asks you to buy a package once and guarantees that your rankings are going to last forever, I think it is high time to change your service provider before your competitor over takes you in the rankings. Consistent link building always proven to be good especially when you are targeting very difficult or highly competitive keywords

  • The first month is 100% FREE (If it is your first order with us) to give you the chance to test our services without any risk from your side.
  • There is no obligation to continue with us after the first 30 days FREE-trial. However, seeing your rankings moving up will force you to stay with us
  • There is no signed contract for a certain number of months; you can cancel at any time without any questions asked.
  • Links will not be removed if you cancel the subscription

I can't wait, how do i sign up?

So, what are you waiting for?

Take a FREE one month trial with us – if you don’t feel that this is the best value SEO and SERP-raising tactic you’ve ever tried, simply cancel your membership. If however you love our services (which we are confident you will), you’ll be charged for further campaigns at

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If you’re still hesitating because you don’t know how powerful and professional are my services, here are a few testimonials from fellow warriors who tried it…

We established this service even before the last updates issued by Google. However, we planned to use the recent Google Penguin update to test our new service further. In fact, the excellent results obtained encouraged us to offer this new service to the public.

NO, absolutely not! We stand by our words. The first 30 days are FREE-trial to test this new service without any risk on your side. After the first month, a monthly subscription fee of $57 is charged for each package

NO, sorry. We can offer you this 30 days FREE-trial only one time for any website you choose. If you have many websites in different niches and you cannot decide on your own, we can also help you on that.

Yes, definitely! Our test sites are very diverse. They include new site and blogs, authority sites, and websites that have been penalized by the last updates. In all cases, the results were really amazing. However, for penalized websites, it takes a bit longer than other sites to see the same results.

Yes, you can. As long as your keywords can be written in English letters, we will still be able to employ this new service for you.

NO, we do not accept all niches. Niches like adult, porn, escort, alcohol, and discrimination niches are strictly forbidden and not allowed to be used in our SEO services. If you are not sure about your keyword, it makes sense to contact us first before making the subscription.

It totally depends on lot of factors. In some tests, we experienced a significant increase in the rankings after 15 days. In most cases, you will see a significant increase in your rankings before your trial period ends.

We are making the link building as natural as possible. It takes lot of time to do so. You could see lot of service provider who ranks your website within a week of ordering with them. But sooner or later, Google going to penalize the website on basis of unnatural link building

NO, absolutely not! We rely only on proven methods that delivered excellent results.

You can cancel your subscription whenever you like. There is no obligation on your side to continue with us. However, we do not recommend you to do that. SEO is not a “set and forget” game. Consistent link building is a must to keep up with your competitors

NO, we do not offer any money back guarantee. You get the first 30 days to try our service for FREE. Then you are required to pay the monthly fee on regular basis to avoid any service interruptions. In rare cases, if you feel that your rankings progress is not as you expected, you may cancel your subscription at any time without additional costs.

You can see the discounted prices for bulk orders in our order form.

NO, we are sorry for this. We can only offer you a ranking report to see how great your campaign is doing. Each of these sites are handpicked and proven to deliver amazing results and we do not want our competitors to copy our years of hard work and in worst cases, spamming them forcing the sites to be shut down

Yes, we do! We are willing to help you in any aspect because your success is ours. If you are not sure how to choose your keywords or which pages in your website to target, etc. Please contact us and our experienced staff will be more than happy to assist you.

For the same website, we cannot accept more than 5 packages per month. This means, for each month, we cannot work on more than 5 URLs from the same website. But, for different websites, you can submit as many packages as you want. This is just to ensure that we do not build too many links to a single website in a short span of time.

In case your question is not answered here, please contact us.

To Your Success: